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Take the time out to pamper yourself beautiful — preferably accompanied by a glass of Prosecco. Kosmetik-Oase Mon—Fri 10 a. A spacious lawn provides clothed sun worshippers, nudists, students and retirees equal opportunity to enjoy the great weather. Alm ming pool. This , square metre facility can accommodate a maximum of 50, bathers. Its 1, metre long beach offers the chance to play volleyball, basketball and table tennis.

The water slide is pretty popular. Badeschiff der Arena Berlin Daily from 8 a. The Seddinsee, located in a sidebay of the River Dahme, features a sandy bay with water access. Its shallow waters make this a suitable spot for children to play. The pool provides an extraordinary view of the city. Its sandy beach complete with an open air bar is the perfect place to end hot summer days. Strandbad Wannsee Mon—Fri 9 a. Located directly on the Ziegeleisee, the pool is a haven for quiet souls.

Even at weekends visitors can spread out in the ample space. A wealth of culinary delights is available. This is down to its two 50 metre swimming pools and the great play facilities for children. Sommerbad Kreuzberg Daily 7 a. Freibad Tegeler See Daily 10 a.

Havel This small idyllic swimming area is nestled in nature between Heckeshorn and the Glienicker bridge.

A gentle breeze floats across the water carrying the sounds of peacock cries from the adjacent Peacock Island. The swimming area consists of part beach and part lawn. An 83 metre high-speed slide plus a diving facility with 1 and 3 metre diving boards and 5 and 10 metre platforms are not to be missed.

This pool is the ideal swimming spot for large families thanks to its wide range of activity programmes. Children have a multitude of options to keep them occupied whilst their parents relax comfortably. This is all thanks to a childcare programme. Trained staff play, draw or do arts and crafts with little ones whilst parents rest on the sandy beach or take a short boat ride. Children want to be active, maybe even more so during holiday. These tips will show you that city tours and action are not necessarily mutually exclusive: Everyone is allowed to build something here at the clay village — and of course the works of art can be taken home later on.

Mon 2—8 p.


The on-site restaurant only serves adults accompanied by children. Located right next to the beer garden is a large adventure playground which can easily be observed from the terrace. A miniature golf course is also available, equipped with floodlighting for players who stay on after dark. Brachvogel Daily from 9 a.

Registration for Workshops: Thur—Fri 2—6 p. More than exhibits about science, such as chemistry, biology, mechanics, energy and sound can be explored at the Exploratorium. This is a great place to really get some hands-on time. Thur—Fri 9 a. Potsdam-Babelsberg Tel. During July the little builders will explore the work of Berlinbased architect Schinkel. This is an exceptional place as the association offers tours to explore the flora and fauna on a regular basis. For instance, on Easter the entire family can attend a rally or a subterranean adventure tour through the water works.

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Where are the exciting places and how does a city function? Who is responsible for road-planning, greenery or street lighting? In the Gardens of the World Children can blow off steam in this miracle of Asian gardening art. They can wander through a hedge labyrinth, explore the playgrounds or try to climb the gigantic swings. Daily from 9 a. Parents with toddlers especially appreciate the fact that cycling and dog walking are not permitted here. It enables youngsters to play on the wellgroomed green lawns without a care in the world and gaze dreamily at the sea of path-side flowers without dangerous interruptions.

Sheep, goats and donkeys graze in the pastures, so little nature scientists will have a field day at this open air laboratory. The pioneer of affordable arT now wiTh 3 locaTions in berlin. Let yourself be inspired in one of our three Berlin galleries. Created by art collectors, brought to life by renowned artists and promising talents from major academies, LUMAS is passionate about offering you original, inspiring art in affordable editions.

Berlin was mentioned in documents for the first time about years ago back in Reason enough to dignify this anniversary with festivities and exhibitions. The Stadtmuseum Berlin has set itself the goal of sketching a picture of life of the city, with the past and present in contra punto. Berlin has an amazing number of museums, galleries and exhibition rooms. Carry on reading for the latest art and cultural highlights. Museums yz Altes Museum Designed in the classical style by Schinkel, and the third oldest museum building in Germany. It hosts an antique collection with portraits of Caesar and Cleopatra.

You can see 19th century art here — Romanticism, Classicism and Biedermeier. Gallery LackeFarben: Sophie Holstein An intuitive blend of reality and fantasy — for the first time, works by Sophie Holstein are being shown in a solo exhibition. Art tips: Museums, galleries, exhibitions — Berlin attracts artists from around the world.

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Be sure not to miss these three highlights of creative photographic art in July. In her work, she primarily explores feelings of isolation and unhappiness. Tues—Sun 10 a. Wed—Mon 10 a. There are a total of over , exhibits. Tues—Fri 9 a. Dusk is a good time to visit as you can then see from afar the effect of the light installations by Dan Flavin as they make the imposing building light up.

Tues—Fri 10 a. Over sqm the museum also displays rare, exceptional objects connected to the evolution of life and the variety of nature. The museum is an archive of cultural and natural history. Tues—Fri 9: The Egyptian collection with its amazing papyrus collection is housed in the imposing building, designed by architect David Chipperfield. Sun—Wed 10 a. Bayer House: Mon—Fri 8 a. Fred Thieler. Gallery Helfrich Anyone wanting more intimate insights into Berlin's gallery scene should steal away to the Gallery Michaela Helfrich.

She now specialises in solo exhibitions at her small but chic gallery. Be sure not to miss her special July exhibit. She is currently featuring works by the painter Ulrike Pisch — interiors and figurative representations in predominantly brown and grey hues. I am also looking forward to the coloured wooden sculptures by Stefan Seitz — mythical and mysterious creatures that are part animal, part human.

Michaela Helfrich Gallery Tues—Fri 5—8 p. Ulrike Pisch till The main attraction, however, is the Pergamon Altar. Its frieze is considered to be one of the masterpieces in Hellenistic Art. To avoid long waits, get there early. Selim Varol started young, too. The entrepreneur from Dusseldorf started out collecting toys only. From there, it was only a short step to collecting limited edition designer toys. With about 15, items, the year-old owns one of. Tues—Sat 11 a. Many young artists had in this gallery, founded in , their first exhibition.

The Gerd Harry Lybke gallery is one of the big players in the art world. In this exhibition he gives us a peek inside the realm of mini sculptures and street art — and invites us to join him there. It focuses on the Leipzig and Berlin Schools and pays particular attention to expressive-figurative, neo-realistic, expressive-abstract and lyricalabstract art.

Tues—Sat noon—6 p. The gallery presents the work of major young artists in individual exhibitions, and they have come up with an incisive high-level artistic profile by looking at different ways of approaching a problem. Individual representatives of previous artistic generations also have a forum in this gallery. Mon—Sat 3—7 p. The exhibition programme includes both young and established contemporary, international and German art.

The gallery in Berlin-Charlottenburg focuses on Realism, representational and figurative painting and sculpture. Tues—Fri 11 a. The deep gulf between reason and superstition and ignorance characterises the works on display by some of the most important artists of this era. Known for his zeal for experimentation, this art provides guaranteed fun. This painter, photographer and director has succeeded time and time again in connecting the three genres together. He set up clever and perfectly arranged shots in unusual situations, with the female body always in the foreground.

Unique textiles and woven samples, along with drawings and drafts, provide insights into the work of the most significant textile designer at the Bauhaus. Berlin turns beautiful Berlin Fashion Week takes place twice a year in the cosmopolitan capital. Models, agents and buyers roam the city for six days. But the trade-shows and show room open their doors to fashion-conscious visitors as well.

Pascal Kluttig said: Meanwhile fashion magazine editors not only report the latest trends, but also the restaurant where Kate Moss and co. In contrast to the traditional fashion capitals such as Milan or Paris, fewer high-fashion labels show their collections here. Forty well-known Berlin locations are being turned into showrooms for the occasion.

Showroom Days 3—8 July, Showroom Mile: Berliner Klamotte The www. Not all trade fairs and shows are open to mere mortals. However, at the many small events being held throughout Berlin during Fashion Week there are plenty of opportunities for members of the public to sit in the coveted front row. At the Wedding Dress event for instance, over up-and-coming designers will showcase their up-to-date styles on an open-air catwalk around metres long.

A vintage fashion show also beckons for anyone interested. Public trades and fashion shows Wedding Dress: Karl-Marx-Allee a showfloorberlin. Classic Open air Visitors from all over the world will gather in the Gendarmenmakt to hear operas from Puccini, Verdi and Rossini. Anyone who wants to make sure they get a look at celebrities should just turn up before the shows in front of the white tent at the Brandenburg Gate or vistit one of the famous bars and restaurants.

Bars und Restaurants King Size Bar: Classic Open Air Gendarmenmarkt 4 Mitte www. Mon—Sat from 2 p. The vampire Count von Krolock is scary to say the least. Those who dare can follow him into his dark lair Stage Theater des Westens: The Fearless Vampire Killers. Nevertheless, both the public and film critics were intrigued. As is the musical production, which Polanski himself staged in Vienna in Fifteen years on, this vampire story is the most successful German-language musical of all time, with 6. Borchert has grown up but still retains his mild, low-key manner,.

Yet when he emerges from the cloakroom and strides across the stage with that stern look in his eyes and wearing that billowing overcoat, his booming voice does away with any doubts as to who is calling the shots in this show. Borchert is Count von Krolock, the Grand Vampire. The musical gets under way at a leisurely pace and follows Polanksi's film pretty closely. But vampire Count von Krolock. Abronsius and Alfred follow her, their aim being to finally prove that vampires do exist.

But there's one thing they don't see coming: Sarah, Alfred and Abronsius are on the menu for the vampires who are holding their annual ball. Anyone intending to see this theatrical highlight should hurry: After that, the vampires are leaving Germany. We have chosen three highlights for you.

Another Highlight: And to blow away the cobwebs that had settled not only on the revue but on the walls of the Friedrichstadtpalast too. His plan worked out. The show filling the theatre's seats. Ukrainian trampolinists in skin-tight Vasarely costumes fly like balls thrown through the air. Audience members marvel open-mouthed at their body art, just as they do at the unbelievable flying number performed by Olesya and Dmitriy Shulga.

Not forgetting, of course, the line of dancers made up of 32 ladies swinging their long legs like clockwork. The aim of arti-. Incidentally, the twelve singers are accompanied by an all-female live band. The Blue Man Group. In the Imax theatre, adapted for their own show, they amaze and amuse the audience — yz in German and English.

Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 4 Mitte www. A must for comedy fans who want to see the stars from the TV show live. In July, hopeful emerging artists and hobby performers can tread the Stage along with small-time professionals and TV stars. Creamy, cool indulgence: Berlin's best ice cream parlours Summertime in Berlin is simply irresistible. Not least because of the delicious ice-cream that its inhabitants gladly become addicted to year in, year out. This cool delight can be found on almost every street corner. More and more, sorbets and frozen yogurts are being added to the ranges on offer.

Finding them is not hard: Tanne B Apart from classic dairy ice-cream, customers can also get vegan fruit and soya ice-creams here as well as fat-free fruit sorbets. Around 24 different varieties are available here every day. Daily 9 a. Parfaits, frozen smoothies and natural yogurts are also available. Weinbergsweg 24 Mitte Tel. Sweet 2 go Dairy ice-cream made from organic milk, chocolate made with a fine coating and genuine bourbon vanilla.

The cakes sold here are equally delicious. Daily 11 a. Pfalzburger Str. The breakfast could not be more attractive. The Ungeheuer restaurant is tastefully fitted out with furnishings lovingly selected from the flea market and above them, the creature that gave the cafe its name, a grisly-looking flying insect, sways gently. The menu is not expansive, but the breakfast from 10 a.

Terrific homemade curd cheese and fruity jam is served both with the classic and vegetarian breakfast. Some of the bread is even baked on the premises and tastes wonderful.

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The Mediterranean scrambled eggs with dried tomatoes and ham are to be recommended. Handmade French patisserie is freshly prepared here and served warm. Thu—Sun 10 a. Wed—Sat 10 a. Pancakes, waffles with blueberry jam and scrambled egg with bacon are only some of the many tempting dishes for the. Ungeheuer Mon 6 p. Emser Str. Marco Polo Highlights Berlin the multi-cultural hotspotespecailly in matters of cuisine. International speciality restaurants compete with regional German cuisine.

Fresh vegetables and tender meat from Brandenburg, herbs from the roof garden and everything the world has to offer.

Berlin shows off its gastronomic versatility. A visit here in the mornings is well worth the effort, mostly for the aromatic cappuccinos, cortados and others … the perfect companions for Italian sandwiches or American apple pie. Mon—Fri 6 a. Mon—Fri starting at 8 a. You can hardly find a better way to experience specialities from our neighbouring country all at the same time.

A pretty restaurant with white wellstocked tables. Spanish sausage specialities, stuffed vegetables, manchego cheese, paella and many other morsels fill you up terrifically well. On Sundays alongside the Latin specialities on the brunch buffet there are also breakfast classics such as scrambled eggs, fresh waffles, bread rolls and croissants.

Mon—Fri noon—1 a. In summer, the sun terrace between the ship and the shore are the ideal spot to start the day. On the meadow on the bank you can later relax and enjoy the sunshine. Dim sums or duck are spun to and from on rotating dishes. This entertaining way of eating has become popular with many customers and as a result it is not only lively, but also full and so it is best to book in advance.

Daily noon-3 a. On Saturdays you can even watch the cooks prepare the noodles. Wiener Schnitzel with potato salad. In the evening the restaurant is a real hotspot, but even at lunchtime it is busy. The lunchtime menu changes daily, with, for example, boiled rump of veal, sea bass fillet or stuffed tomatoes with vegetable polenta as possible main courses. Daily from Mon—Fri noon-3 p. Restaurant Zollpackhof The most atmospheric places in Berlin are those where old and new come together. After a hearty meal in the cosy red brick atmosphere, treat yourself to one of the wide range of fruit brandies from Southern Germany.

Daily noon—1 a. The restaurant is housed in a pretty old building with bistro lighting. Zollpackhof Daily from 11 a. This is also a popular destination for night owls to grab an early snack after a long night of partying. There is another branch at Friedrichstrasse The constantly changing menu is always excellent with delicate dishes such as chanterelles and vegetable strudel with grilled green asparagus.

Tues—Sun from 11 a. How about tatar from young bull filet with sourdough bread as a starter? This wine comes from their own vineyard in the Palatinate, as does. Daily noon—2 a. The international clientele loves the simple bourgeois decoration with the light and airy interior, white tablecloths and professional service. Daily 6 p. In winter the customers are warmed by a tiled stove, while they feast on the celebrated duck, the quality of which is seldom found elsewhere in Berlin. There are also light dishes, such as cucumber spaghettini with warm smoked eel and pike caviar on the menu.

In summer you can sit under trees in the square. Tue—Sat 6 p. Carl-Herz-Ufer 30 Kreuzberg Tel. The chicken in spicy paprika sauce and cheese is delicious. All the dishes are served with either mild or hot spices. The decoration is colourful and folkloristic. Not to be missed: Mon—Fri 4 p. The German wine has been selected with great masterful know-how. The restaurant has the work of stucco artist, Biener, whose listed pieces are lovely to sit and marvel at. Durlacher Str. The food comes to the table yz spiced in the Ayurvedic way with coriander and cardamom.

There is a wide range of vegetarian dishes. You can feast your eyes on a host of Buddhist figures and wooden masks on the walls. This is authentic cuisine. Daily noon—midnight Akazienstr. The Restaurant Markus Semmler serves excellent fare in his new restaurant. Prepared in an outstanding Artisan fashion and served no frills, no fuss, his food will delight. For those who wish to indulge their richer tastes, Semmler will whip up a little something with butter and cream used liberally and classically.

Mon—Fri from 5 p. South African cuisine such as gnu loin, ostrich or crocodile steaks. Fish red snapper, kingklip is also served. Of course the wine served comes from the country of the ex-World Cup football champions. Sun—Thu 6 p. From Tuesday to Saturday there is a lunch table in the delicatessen from noon to 3: Daily from 6 p. Mon—Fri 5 p. Hearty dishes and a modern atmosphere with its dark wood furniture and white walls entice you to come in, taste the wine and enjoy. Daily from noon, kitchen is open until Hoffmann Anyone who has decided on E.

Hoffmann has a pleasant, enjoyable evening before them. Chef de cuisine Thomas Kurt emphasises seasonal food for the menu.

In addition, set menus are offered, though customers can put together something themselves — even vegetarians. The restaurant has for many years been one of the best in the city. Wed—Mon from 5 p. Hotel Riehmers Hofgarten Kreuzberg Tel. The Federal Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Different variations on lamb and beef are combined with unusual garnishes, such as baby leaf spinach or ginger lime sauce. There needs be only one thing to say about the Grill Royal: This restaurant with its location right on the Spree has quickly blossomed into an institution regarding all things steak.

The meat is of the highest quality, with the Heifer meat, for example, coming from the Temmen Manor on the Schorfheide Biosphere Reserve. But you can see for yourself; the fresh steaks can be seen from behind the glass of a very cool display cabinet. Then he disappeared from view, only to remerge with renewed vigour in Guten Morgen Franz. In New York, this creation is sold on every street corner. A small place, located on the Linienstrasse, which just like the food — has got that traditional Big Apple style: Buchholz is a master craftsman and this is evident in the Insider tip yz homemade ice cream, a trademark of the new Gutshof Britz.

Buchholz Gutshof Britz Daily. Ruben Pastrami , 6 p. Fetch your copy of issue 3 here: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The Gallery.

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Ethical Fashion Show. Green Showroom. Lavera Showfloor. Degewo Wedding Dress. Mon—Thu noon—11 p. White sausage with sweet mustard, Maultaschen, coleslaw or Obadzda come to the table in small portions, so that you can try many of them. Their restaurant is nestled in the charming district of Berlin called Schmargendorf, which sounds further out than it really is, just a mere 15 to 20 minutes by train or car from the city centre or, in Berlin terms, no distance at all.

On cooler days you can sit in the elegant dining room, look out of the large casement windows at the tennis enthusiasts in the neighbouring club. Standing over the stove is Sonja. Her cuisine is creative, packed with intense flavour: There is also an inspired degustation menu; 12 small courses that give an overview of what is currently being created. Flinsberger Platz 8 Wilmersdorf Tel.

Mon—Sat 6 p. The five-course set menu offer with wine will run you Euro or without wine, 69 Euro. Tue—Sun from 6 p. Walkers, inlinescaters and cyclists take a break with Bavarian and Berlin delicacies, munching to the accompaniment of bleating goats from the nearby farm, just as it might be out in the country.

These include the new "Hauptbahnhof" main train station , Berliner Dom Berlin Cathedral , Museumsinsel Museum Island and the city's oldest residential area, the Nikolaiviertel. You will see the Holland Quarter, a Moorish mosque, a Roman pantheon and much more. Hear anecdotes, stories and the history of Friedrich the Great as you journey through this charming city. Daily Meeting point: Sun—Thur 10 a. Through headphones you will hear fascinating information about the most important buildings and plazas. Feel free to enter and exit the bus at any of the 20 different stops.

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Talkies and colour films were invented here and films are still successfully produced in Berlin today. Experience Berlin the movie city together with its original film locations. Sat 6 p. Very exciting. Ontour-Berlin for more detailed information call: You will also get a look an area that boasts many artists, including both the established and the up and coming.

Mon 2 p. So you can explore the city individual, completely like you want to. Eat-the-world for more detailed information call: Stadt im Ohr for more detailed information for audio guides and prices call: Cruise by the Berlin Cathedral, Museum Island, the Reichstag, Hauptbahnhof, and the government quarter, while learning interesting facts about these landmarks from your captain as you steam along. Wed—Mon Daily Meeting point: You can decide for yourself as to whether you would like to see the Reichstag, Potsdamer platz, the Gendarmenmarkt or museum island under the moonlight.

Up to you. Historical center 2. Air Service Berlin Tel. Listen carefully during this tour — every so often your guide will tell a lie. Decide for yourself which stories seem true and discover at the end of the tour if you got it right. Pass by the most notable landmarks in the green beige buses with live commentary in German and English.

Or, take a ride in the red sightseeing busses with commentary on headphones in nine languages. Entry and exit is possible at any time. Daily 10 a. Find out more about future plans for it and its earlier use. Sunday Meeting point: Tempelhof airport with either the Eurocopter AS or the Bell are very popular. Appointments based individually Meeting point: Tues 1: Sat 3 p.

In addition to this, house tours are offered that allow for a look behind the scenes of the German Bundestag. Roof terrace and dome: Free entry Tel. Online tips: Smartphones and iPads make it possible to get the most up to date tips everywhere. Here are the best addresses for quick information APPS. And if you happen to be looking for the right restaurant: How long will it take me to get to central station?

Pokket Mixer The idea came up on a long journey. Each passenger wanted to plug their phone into the car radio to listen to their music out loud. Christian Komm thought that a mini DJ mixing desk that could mix different songs and keep everyone happy would be perfect for situations like this. The trained sound technician went on to develop the portable Pokket Mixer. He photographs it, reviews press articles about it and shows the progress of the construction.

The authors show the city as a kind of canvas in their blog. Great photos, too. More information on the Internet With the QR-code you can directly reach the Marco Polo website online, which has extensive information about travel. Children want to be active, maybe even more so during holiday. These tips will show you that city tours and action are not necessarily mutually exclusive: They can wander through a hedge labyrinth, explore the playgrounds or try to climb the gigantic swings.

Daily from 9 a. But that's not all. But the highlight could well be the trip through the Aqua Dom,. Spandauer Str. Mon 2—8 p. Why the three are travelling there and what adventures they experience on the way is all revealed in this one-hour star show with views of the heavens. Planetarium am Insulaner 9. The on-site restaurant only serves adults accompanied by children. Registration for Workshops: Thur—Fri 2—6 p. Deutsche Kinemathek Tues—Son 10 a. Potsdamer Str. We take a look behind the scenes of the series with Ernie and Bert, Kermit, the Cookie Monster and all the show's other legendary characters.

The "Planetarium am Insulaner" is offering this experience for little astronomers aged three years upwards. Here, they not only get to know Peterchen, Anneliese and Sumsemann. During rainy weather, get cosy inside. Mon—Fri 9 a. Get the ultimate Berlin experience: Mon—Sat noon—8 p. Mon—Sat 10 a. A square metre panorama at a 1: Breslauerplatz Ha. In addition to the Berlin Guide, which you Heidelberger Pl. St are usually cost more will be yours for free has e a bonus.

Here's a taster of a few of the partners Fehrbelliner Platz. A high-tech arena with eye-catching architecture. This centre details the atrocities of National Socialism and documents the most important stages of theLeinestr. Third Reich. Every city has its own little rules and peculiarit ies. Berlin, too.

Cycle rickshaws Information on all the major tourist attractions, exciting tales of the big city and tours of the trendy areas, and all without having to walk an inch yourself? Bike-Taxi Daily 10 a. Butter Lindner. Mon—Fri 8 a. Obviously there are tr ams in oth cities, but er the ones in Berlin have their own p articular ch arm — and many way in s they are th e archetyp of all tram e s.

They simply par are t of the city. My Berlin Tips What do you consider an absolute must for visitors to Berlin? Berlin is Dog City Berlin is second only to Manhattan in terms of its number of dogs. Berlin even has dedicated dog parks. And what's your answer? Which restaurants do you recommend to your guests? Where do you go when you have time off? The karaoke event in Mauerpark by Joe Hatchiban every Sunday. What would it be like if three icons from the history of music Theatre were to do a show together in the present day?

The show now at the Friedrichstadt palace has tried to build a bridge between those times and modern ife with a lot of technology. Featuring more than artists, "Show Me" is the biggest resident theatre show in the world. This means the highlights are more than spectacular. Show Me Almost daily except mon. Nowhere else in Germany is there as great a choice of theatres, cabarets and musicals as there is in Berlin.

Modern pieces are shown in its halls. Since this building has played host to the most controversial directors. From Erwin Piscator in the s to Castorf and Schlingensief in the s. The technology and sometimes shocking scenarios particularly appeal to a young audience. It was also the stage for the political revolution. Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet by choreographer John Cranko is still one of the best productions in the world. Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz Mitte www. Its roles require the dancers to also have the skill of story-telling, since it was very impor-. Romeo und Julia 8.

Deutsche Oper Bismarckstr. Director Armin Petra's young and dynamic productions go down really well. Its name comes from its East German. Theatre tips: Men are hunters, women are gatherers. So why not view the sexes as two completely different cultures? This year, the diva who was once mocked for her large nose is celebrating her 70th birthday. A musical portrait with Ulrike Barz. Am Festungsgraben 2 Mitte www. The half-round front building is imposing. Today it's a listed building. The current director Horst-H. Filohn focuses on entertaining dramas and prominent names.

Since it has housed the Berlin theatre on Lehniner Platz, which has made its name through new interpretations of well-known pieces by the likes of Shakespeare and Ibsen. For a long time it was the largest new theatre to be built in Germany. Walter Felsenstein produced it. The current director, Andreas Homoki, has given opera a new image.

In it was rebuilt using the original plans from Now the ensemble has found a home in this Schiller Theatre. General music director Daniel Baremboim chooses the repertoire, which includes classics and international Performances. For fans of dance the experienced professionals offer lessons. Kastanienallee 79 Prenzlauer Berg www. This little theatre shows everything from classics and contemporary pieces to performance art. Featuring regular guest performances from English-speaking countries and co-productions between independent Berlin-based groups and international theatres in the UK, Ireland and the United States.

A one-of-a-kind theatre combination. The former Hebbel Theater, the Theater am Halleschen Ufer and the Theater am Ufer were amalgamated to form today's Hebbel am Ufer, which is known according to its three constituent parts: HAU 1, the old Hebbel Theater, was one of the most important locations for young, international, experimental and innovative performing arts in Berlin. Something funny for Christmas: Cut out coupon or enter coupon code online and save already.

Have fun during your visit to Berlin. This is opera for the people in the heart of the neighbourhood: U-Bhf Eberswalder Strasse U2 www. This former sewage pumping station is nowadays a theatre, concert and dance venue that is home to the Sasha Waltz Company and others. Contemporary theatre and musical projects attract an international audience.

The Berliner Kriminaltheater in a former East German underground train station brings crime classics from Agatha Christie to Alfred Hitchcock to the stage. Choral music: Louis Lewandowski Festival This festival is named after the German-Jewish composer Louis Lewandowski , who became famous as a result of the reform of synagogue music. In Berlin, Lewandowski's liturgy has been played in the Pestalozzistrasse synagogue since Musicals, cabarets and other musical productions are performed here occasionally too.

International theatre ensembles perform here regularly. In addition to dance evenings, concerts are held here from time to time as well. Ystader Str. What used to be the most important cabaret show in the former East Germany now works with two of its own ensembles who transform their selfpenned programmes into satirical theatre. The result is also amusing.

A soap opera brought to the stage has been wittily placing the neighbourhood of Wedding in the centre of attention since Nikolaikirchplatz Mitte www. Danziger Str. Singers, artists, strongmen and erotic dancers appeared here. It was destroyed in a bombing in In a new variety theatre was reopened, in a different location but under the same name.

As well as comedies, boulevard pieces and shows, there are also concerts, musicals and the occasional reading. Professional actors perform in front of large, family-friendly rows of seating in summer and winter alike. Yet the plays are always educational. The BKT also offers support for drama teachers upon request. Many visitors come here weekly to have a good laugh. Numerous great names in history have appeared on its stage like Josephine Baker and Hildegard Knef. Culinary highlights are also planned in this extensive repertoire.

The Black Rider hat would it be like if three icons from the history of musical theatre were to do a show together in the present day? The answer to those who believe that the Germans have no sense of humour. The highlights include a waterfall that cascades onto the stage from 15 metres high and acrobats performing without any safety nets. It's glamour taken to a whole new level. The Black Rider 6. Berlin has great things to offer. Mobile charges max. The Fearless Vampire Killers.

As is the musical production, which Polanski himself staged in Vienna in Fifteen years on, this vampire story is the most successful German-language musical of all time, with 6. Borchert has grown up but still retains his mild, low-key manner,. Yet when he emerges from the cloakroom and strides across the stage with that stern look in his eyes and wearing that billowing overcoat, his booming voice does away with any doubts as to who is calling the shots in this show. Borchert is Count von Krolock, the Grand Vampire. But vampire Count von Krolock.

But there's one thing they don't see coming: Sarah, Alfred and Abronsius are on the menu for the vampires who are holding their annual ball. Anyone intending to see this theatrical highlight should hurry: After that, the vampires are leaving Germany. And this is exactly how he stages the piece too. When the romantically excessive as well as obviously addled Persian king Xerxes Stella Doufexis devoutly idolises and sings to a tree at the beginning of the opera, it is clear that the work is not about subtle psychological exploration and inscrutably complicated affairs of the heart, but rather happy-go-lucky silliness.

In this comedy of errors, which gathers pace quite quickly Xerxes falling in love with his brother Arxamenes' Karolin Gumos lover Romilda Brigitte Geller , it quickly becomes almost impossible to keep track of the different strands of storyline and intrigue that are skated. Xerxes 1. Reason enough to celebrate this anniversary. On the weekends Until December 23rd various fairytale classics. It is the premiere spot for elegance and luxury.

My favourite store Cosima Grohmann is a journalist who doesn't care that much for chocolate. No, honestly KaDeWe Mon—Thur 10 a. Olivia I'm not a big chocolate fan. That evening craving for chocolate, the guilty conscience after scoffing a whole bar piece by piece — I don't have to deal with any of that. The store's owner, Olivia Kauf-. Fashion from Paris, hats for celebrities or delicacies from KaDeWe — shopping in Berlin is nothing if not diverse!

Italian furniture maker Minotti has opened a new showroom together with the design boutique Herrendorf, its first own-brand store in Germany. This is probably the secret to her success too: Salon Bennett Mon—Sat 10 a. Olivia Mon—Sat 12—7, Son 1—6 p. Meanwhile in the run-up to Christmas her lovingly decorated biscuit creations take the form of Santa Clauses and christmas trees, resembling little works of art that you'd almost prefer to put on display rather than eat.

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Whether it's in rough pieces or in fine gold foil wrapping, I like to buy my chocolate here — even if it's only as a gift for real chocolate lovers. Minotti Designboutique by Herrendorf Mon—Fri 10 a. Lietzenburger Str. Particularly good fun for our smaller guests, and a touching present for mum or dad. The wishes come from children in the separate groups who want toys or materials for their projects or excursions.

Let yourself be caught up in it and join in! Fridays 2pm and 4pm Saturdays 2pm, 4pm and 6pm Sundays 9 and 23 December: Jazz Royal delights the audience with new interpretations — peppy, swinging, tender and romantic. Perfect Christmas atmosphere guaranteed! Even romantic souls are well served in Boulevard Berlin: You can really take a moment to escape the chaos of the pre-Christmas period and the hustle and bustle of the city. Your own CD as a gift! Every Saturday before Christmas, visitors to the Boulevard Berlin can become stars themselves: Looking for a unique, yet comfy outfit for Christmas?

Big sister Wow To Go! Unique, specially created fabrics and clever shapes subtly highlight the feminine shape, while providing camouflage where needed. WTG is was founded 10 years ago in Antwerp, Belgium, by a group of friends working in fashion. They did not find what they liked in the offer of the established brands- at least, not in their price range. This simple philosophy has paid off- Now there are 4 brand stores and over points of sale throughout Europe. The bright, clean interior with lots of light wood and a subtle retro touch put the colourful collections in the spotlight.

We dare you to enter this place and resist the countless pretty dresses, luxurious wool coats in warm jewel tones, and cosy knitted sweaters and cardigans. This trademark of tradition from Munich relies on high quality workmanship and luxurious materials. Its collections usually bridge the gap between classic and modern Mon—Fri 10 a. A Swiss shoe brand that stands for simple classical design. They also have high quality, luxury bags that shine in terms of price. Mon—Fri 10 a. Brands such as Signum and Phil Petter round off the collection.

Mon—Fri noon—6. This Parisian label can no longer be thought of exclusively as high couture fashion An enormous shopping center at Breitsheidplatz with more than 70 shops and restaurants. Check opening times for the shops at: Mon—Fri 11 a. The Italian fashion company stands for classic with sex-appeal. The trouser suits for men are especially popular. Stocked in sizes from small to adult everybody will be happy. Joachimsthaler Str. The label is known for its strong colors and feminine Italian cuts, available at an affordable price.

Mon—Thur 11 a. It can also deliver on request. Mon—Thur 10 a. This shop leads Scandinavian fashion. Customers include many artists and actors, who take delight. Mo—Fr 10 a. Undesirable defects and imperfections disappear to allow you to try out your new smile immediately without treatment! The inexpensive collection from Soccx consists primarily of natural materials and is characterized by its uncomplicated feminine cuts.

Classy fashion for strong women at fair prices. Leggings, stretch trousers, stockings and knee length socks are all part of this collection. But the door knob is in the famous Valentin red. Do it Yourself: DaWanda Snuggery Over handmade products from the well-known Do-it-yourself portal DaWanda can be admired, touched and tried on. But the Snuggery is more than just a showroom: A selection of them can even be taken away immediately.

Enthusiasts can exercise their creativity at free DIY workshops. Leggings, stretch trousers, stockings and knee length socks are all available here. For the past couple of seasons leg wear is fashion. There are also shoes in this collection. The pieces are simple and remind onlookers of a high quality Bauhaus interior. You do need relatively deep pockets for the beautiful pieces though. Lifestyle and Design: You can also get the famous Portuguese azulejos.

Mon closed, Tues—Fri 10 a. The furniture shop specializes exclusively on ecological, custom made furniture. Mo—Wed 11 a. Savignyplatz 6 www. Everything from hairdressing and wrinkle treatment to pedicure and permanent make-up is available here at reasonable prices. Discover the wide selection of traditional German Christmas decorations in a fascinating atmosphere. Special tip: Unique souvenirs of Berlin and Germany.

Joachimstaler Str. The Berlin celebrity hairdresser is famous far beyond the boundaries of the capital. Of course, you have to pay for the privileg. Kempinski Plaza, Uhlandstr. Smart kids: Steiff Mon—Sat 10 a. Nevertheless the prices are still moderate. Mon—Sat 9 a. Tue—Fri 10 a. In the stylishly designed hair salon, the focus is on an atmosphere of wellbeing and professionalism.